Tilimco provides interim management and consultancy for the manufacturing industry. Focusing on the plastics processing industry, equipment or packaging industry and of course the automotive industry.

It is based in Geldrop (near Eindhoven), in the south of the Netherlands.

The only employee is Frans van Tilborg!

With over 30 years of working experience in the manufacturing industry, I offer companies temporary support.

Tilimco offers expertise in the field of people & project management, product & quality engineering and cost & value engineering.

Tilimco actively supports customers with the acquisition, planning and execution of a project.

I love working together with a team in a challenging technical environment.

I like to bring some fun to the work environment, as I believe it is essential for having a pleasant work environment. Happy people will give better results!


For a comprehensive and detailed overview of my work experience (including recommendations), I politely refer to my LinkedIn profile.